Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well I gave up on the blog but I guess I'll give it another try. From June to November life has happened. We did all the fun trips in the summer, family reunions, camping and lots of BBQ's. It's really too much to catch up on so I'll fast forward to NOW!

We have been potty training Carly for a month and she has done amazingly until she got sick 13 days ago. She either got really stubborn all of a sudden or she is getting smarter than I thought possible. This is a usual situation between Carly and I. I ask her, "Do you need to go potty?" Carly: "NO POTTY." I try to bribe her with everything sometimes it works and she'll sit on the potty other times she arches her back and won't even sit down. Then other days she says: "mommy potty." I say: "lets go." Carly: "NO POTTY." She knows she has my undivided attention when it comes to the potty chair talk. I am so frustrated all that hard work down the drain...I hope she'll start liking it again but from 13 days ago she was 95% trained now she is 50% (insert sad face here)

We took family pictures at the begging of October. We loved how the kids pictures turned out but the family pictures weren't the best. I wish that we could all smile at the same time.
My birthday was amazing. I love birthdays and Elliot knows it so he's so wonderful and try's to always make it an extra special day. I went to lunch with my sisters and then to the movie Footloose. Elliot was so nice and watched 4 kids while we were out on the town. It's always fun hanging out with my sisters and mom. Then Elliot bought me my silly laundry baskets I've been asking for. I wanted them to match and have them close and to fit on each side of my dresser. Who knew that was such a hard request. But Elliot was awesome and searched high and low for them. Thanks again honey. I love them. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then to an arcade for the kiddos. It was a perfect day. I love birthdays.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What you do when your sick???

This past week and half the Decker girls have been sick. Josie was so nice and brought a cold home from preschool to me and Carly. It was one of those colds with the cough and fever and green boogers. It has been pretty miserable. I ended up having a sinus infection, thank heavens for medicine. It was really hard to keep the kids inside and have them relax and take it easy it was nearly impossible. So I got creative/ had to keep them entertained. (We do these on a weekly basis but I think it was extra hard because the weather was finally getting nice out side and the kids just wanted to go outside and play.)

Colored A LOT!

They played with their play food.

Played dress up.

Made a fort, this day I was feeling pretty sick and they were getting better. I needed some rest. They loved it. Thanks Alica for the idea. We made them so much as kids. I totally forgot about how much I loved that as a kid.

By this time the kids were fed up with being stuck in the house so we went out and played, just had to have a tissue in my pocket for me and Carly.

Josie was all better by the end of the week just in time to go to her friends birthday party. The party was a Tangled themed party and they had a special visitor Rapunzel. This lady was as if she stepped right out of Disneyland. She had the high voice and she sang like a princess. It was great and Josie just loved it.

I am happy these last 2 weeks are over and heres to a wonderful summer. YAY!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I needed to write all of this down before time had past and it was too late...you don't need to read it if you don't want to.

Josie is 4 1/2 now, she is so sweet these days. She has become an amazing little girl that for the most part wants to do whats right. She loves to sing, "Follow the prophet" and "Give said the little stream," all day long as loud as she can. One day she came up stairs and said she did something wrong and I came down stairs and she had used some chap stick to color on a door. I asked her why she did that and she said she didn't know why. I made her clean it up and she kept telling me she was sorry. I didn't get mad at her I was just happy she had told me. Josie loves to play outside with her friends. She's been riding her bike and is getting so fast on all three wheels. She colors and draws all day long. She can write her name all by herself and is learning her last name and phone number now at school. She loves school, I am scared for summer to have to keep her busy all day long. She has to be doing something all the time. I think its just the age. Josie is our little tatal tell. She'll always tell us if Carly is doing something wrong. Poor little girl gets picked on by her little sister all the time. Carly likes to put her feet on her just so she can hear Josie scream. Carly is a tease by nature just like her dad.

Carly is such a fun little girl. She has such a cute personality. She loves to dance and run around in her diaper. She gets really mad when you take things away from her temper tantrums at 1 and 1/2. She loves to jump off of things and she says, "HOP!" it scares me to death. She says, "No," to me most of the time when I ask her something but she doesn't say yes she nodes her head and moves her mouth without any words coming out, but moves her mouth saying ya. She's like a mime. Her hair is growing so long, its already below her shoulders. She can talk really well. She can say momma, mommy, dadda, ball, hot, car, HA, HA ( like on the Simpsons), gotcha (got ya), cracker, boppa (grandpa),nigh nigh,help, hop, down, stop, dog, me, no and probably more. She can say some animal sounds too moo, he he for a horse sound, quack, meow, bah, she says dog, dog instead of ruffing. She loves animals at a distance but when they get too close she freaks out. She loves to wrestle with her dad and growls sometimes. We went to Cabella's to look at all the animals the girls loved it and Carly made all the animal noises, I thought it was a little creepy. She doesn't like her uncle mason for some weird reason and won't even let him touch her. She's kind of weird around boys just like Josie was. She pretends to be shy around people she doesn't know but I guess that pretty normal. She's in nursery now and she did so well. One Sunday Elliot and I met in the hallway at the same time and he had told me that Carly did so well when he left her in Nursery. At that time we looked in the window and saw Carly with that look on her face, red as can be, you know the look. She was pooping, we were laughing so hard. It was as if she was telling us you tried to leave me nice try. HA! She runs really well but falls a little bit her right foot is turned in a little bit but the doctor said she'd grow out of that. She tells me to STOP! whenever I start singing and then I tell her to sing and then she says lalalalala...her's a video of it.

Here are a few pictures when we went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving point.

I just got a job at Great Clips. I have very mixed emotions about this. I've never wanted to work outside of the home until my kids were in school full time. It's only 12 hours a week and I can do less then that if it doesn't work out. If it doesn't work out I can always quit. That's what Elliot and I have decided. I'll be working at night so Elliot can watch the girls. My sister Michelle also said she would help out with my girls if I needed her. I just wish I didn't feel so guilty.

Mother's day was great, Elliot gave me breakfast in bed. French toast and orange juice my very favorite. I came down stairs and there was a rose with all my favorite candy bars around it and a bath and body smelly thing. Then we went to my parents and Elliot and my dad made dinner for us. Terriyaki chicken and all the fixings. It was a feast. It was a very good mothers day. Thanks honey.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family time

This past week has been so fun. My sister Stephanie and her family came to visit (minus Drew, we missed you). We picked them up from the airport. On our way to get the girls, Josie said "I am so excited I can't breath!" Then we went back to my parents house for some food. I then cut Steph's hair and the cousins played and played and played. We slept over at my mom's and watched Tangled and laughed and laughed some more. It's so much fun when Steph come's. There's always so much to do. On Tuesday we went to the temple together and then to the movie Soul Surfer while my Mom and Dad watched all 4 girls. Thanks again guys. Soul Surfer was a crazy true story, Carrie Underwood was a pretty cheesy actress but over all it was a good movie. Steph and I cried a few times, very touching story. On Friday we had dutch oven pork chops, ribs, sweet potatoes, and cobbler(provided by elliot) and an easter egg hunt at my Mom and Dad's house.

Josie and a few of her cousin slept over in grandpa Ray's trailer. Steph was so nice to sleep with them and my dad. The girls were so brave and went fast asleep. On

Saturday we had the second part of the family reunion at Michelle's house. We ate yummy food and then went to the church for a few games. We played tornado, 3 on 3, a scavenger hunt, relay race, and soccer...what awesome memories we made. I haven't played basketball for so long, it was so much fun, but I am way out of shape. I think I will be sore for a few days.

Then we went back to Michelle's, had more food and then had a little talent show for the kids and Michelle. HA! Josie sang "Give said the little stream", Allison sang a Cinderella song, Riley sang the 3 bear rap, Paige also sang "Give said the little stream", and Brooklyn and the rest of the girls sang a Pocahontas song. Michelle ended the talent show by singing and playing the guitar. I don't know the name of the song but its one from Colbie Caillat. Way to go Michelle!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Patty's Day and updates

Things have been getting a lot better since no one has been sick for about a month and half, knock on wood. March has been a little bit more exciting. We celebrated St. Patrick's day, Josie kept asking all month long, "Is it GREEN DAY YET!!!" I love that she gets excited about holidays now. She learned about pinching this year and she's just too nice to do it to anyone but her dad. That was pretty entertaining, I guess that's what Elliot gets for waking up with no green on. HA! I was a silly mom this year and dressed my girls as leprechauns. Carly has red hair and I thought it would just be perfect. She wouldn't hold still for long enough to get a good picture of her all dressed up. Josie wanted to do it too and it turned out pretty cute. I also had elliot plan a treasure hunt for the girls and their two friends we were watching that night. They had a blast finding the pot of gold under Carly's crib. Josie still tells everyone that leprechaun visited our house.

Bon Jovi was amazing thanks to my amazing sister and brother in law for letting me have Ben's ticket. What a fun concert it flew by, he was a great entertainer. We had great tickets but I should have put tissue in my ears they were ringing for about an hour after the concert. It was all worth it...YAY for Bon Jovi!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

January, February and I can't believe its March...

Well its been a long winter. I don't mind the snow or the cold but I hate that my whole family has been sick ALL winter long. I thought I was the lucky one since I was the only one that hadn't been sick until I caught everything. Carly was sick off and on since November with ear infections, bronchiolitis, RSV and cold after cold. I was so sick of runny noses. Then Josie caught everything that Carly had and Elliot caught it too. We couldn't believe everyone was sick all at the same time. Then I caught it, aren't mom's suppose to be well all the time? I got a sinus infection and lost all sense of smell and taste. I never thought that I loved having my sense of smell until I lost it. It took over two weeks to get it back. I couldn't taste anything and smell absolutely nothing. When it started to come back I couldn't believe that I was happy to smell a Poopy diaper. HA! Then I caught the FLU and I really thought I was going to die. I had fevers for 3 days straight, I hardly could move. I am for sure getting a Flu shot next year. I am happy to say we are all finally back to ourselves
One highlight in January:
Josie, my sister in law Emmy and I went to Vegas. My sister Stephanie was going to be there to see her sister in law that just came home from her mission and I invited myself to join the fun. I've never felt like such an adult in my life. I had to check into a hotel all by myself and do all those grown up things. I guess I'm usually with my husband or other family when I go traveling so this was all new territory for me. I think I need to go on trip more often. It was sad Josie woke up with a really bad cough our first day and she was pretty much sick the whole time. Thank heavens for medicine to keep her happy. We visited all the family friendly spots M&M factory, MGM grand and saw the lions, Caesars Palace and saw the fish...there show was scary for the kids, the Bellagio water show and the Venitian. It was so much fun seeing my sister and her family, thanks again for letting me tag along. It was too long of a drive but Josie was really good.
Here's some pictures:

Carly's growing so fast. She's so much fun, now that she's feeling better I actually really enjoy being around her. She is actually talking a lot. She says cracker (in her own way), mamma, nigh nigh, HI, and her favorite word is dadda. Her and her sister are having a hard time getting a long but I guess that's sister's for you. She understands everything and is curious about everything. She doesn't sit down and watch TV maybe someday. I guess one word could describe Carly is BUSY.

We also went to the Circus, it was free and Josie enjoyed it.Thanks mom for the tickets.

We went to the Zoo for free zoo day. Surprisingly it was a nice day. It totally wore out the kids and me. I think its time to get back into shape.

Carly got her 4th bang trim. This is before I cute it. Doesn't it look like Justin Bieber's hair. HA!

The after swoop bang...she's pretty cute when she's sleeping too.

I'm glad that its March and Spring will come soon.