Saturday, March 5, 2011

January, February and I can't believe its March...

Well its been a long winter. I don't mind the snow or the cold but I hate that my whole family has been sick ALL winter long. I thought I was the lucky one since I was the only one that hadn't been sick until I caught everything. Carly was sick off and on since November with ear infections, bronchiolitis, RSV and cold after cold. I was so sick of runny noses. Then Josie caught everything that Carly had and Elliot caught it too. We couldn't believe everyone was sick all at the same time. Then I caught it, aren't mom's suppose to be well all the time? I got a sinus infection and lost all sense of smell and taste. I never thought that I loved having my sense of smell until I lost it. It took over two weeks to get it back. I couldn't taste anything and smell absolutely nothing. When it started to come back I couldn't believe that I was happy to smell a Poopy diaper. HA! Then I caught the FLU and I really thought I was going to die. I had fevers for 3 days straight, I hardly could move. I am for sure getting a Flu shot next year. I am happy to say we are all finally back to ourselves
One highlight in January:
Josie, my sister in law Emmy and I went to Vegas. My sister Stephanie was going to be there to see her sister in law that just came home from her mission and I invited myself to join the fun. I've never felt like such an adult in my life. I had to check into a hotel all by myself and do all those grown up things. I guess I'm usually with my husband or other family when I go traveling so this was all new territory for me. I think I need to go on trip more often. It was sad Josie woke up with a really bad cough our first day and she was pretty much sick the whole time. Thank heavens for medicine to keep her happy. We visited all the family friendly spots M&M factory, MGM grand and saw the lions, Caesars Palace and saw the fish...there show was scary for the kids, the Bellagio water show and the Venitian. It was so much fun seeing my sister and her family, thanks again for letting me tag along. It was too long of a drive but Josie was really good.
Here's some pictures:

Carly's growing so fast. She's so much fun, now that she's feeling better I actually really enjoy being around her. She is actually talking a lot. She says cracker (in her own way), mamma, nigh nigh, HI, and her favorite word is dadda. Her and her sister are having a hard time getting a long but I guess that's sister's for you. She understands everything and is curious about everything. She doesn't sit down and watch TV maybe someday. I guess one word could describe Carly is BUSY.

We also went to the Circus, it was free and Josie enjoyed it.Thanks mom for the tickets.

We went to the Zoo for free zoo day. Surprisingly it was a nice day. It totally wore out the kids and me. I think its time to get back into shape.

Carly got her 4th bang trim. This is before I cute it. Doesn't it look like Justin Bieber's hair. HA!

The after swoop bang...she's pretty cute when she's sleeping too.

I'm glad that its March and Spring will come soon.


SarahC said...

Those Las Vegas pictures bring back memories fom when we went! We have a picture by that same blue M&M. You should see my scrapbook pages of it. (That's right, I scrapbooked & they turned out pretty cute!) It looks like you had a great time! Glad you're all feeling better!

Andrea said...

I hate winter mostly for all the sickness! Your poor family...I'm glad you are all feeling better :) What a fun trip to Las Vegas! I would be the same way if I went on a trip by myself (without hubby or family). Your girls are so cute! I can't believe how big Carly is...your baby isn't a baby anymore! I lvoe her bang cut--and the Justin Beiber comment cracked me up :)

Hannah S said...

Oh, fun! You actually make me want to visit vegas with kids now. I thought it was getting too trashy. And Carly's hair is hilarious! Leave it to a stylist :)
I am happy to hear you are over your illnesses. What a long and horrible winter!

Hannah S said...

You're so sweet Melanie! I am busy but as a result my housework and other things get neglected. It's a trade off....Tyler wishes it were otherwise :)

Michelle said...

I can't believe how big our kids are getting. Josie is so photogenic, wow