Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What you do when your sick???

This past week and half the Decker girls have been sick. Josie was so nice and brought a cold home from preschool to me and Carly. It was one of those colds with the cough and fever and green boogers. It has been pretty miserable. I ended up having a sinus infection, thank heavens for medicine. It was really hard to keep the kids inside and have them relax and take it easy it was nearly impossible. So I got creative/ had to keep them entertained. (We do these on a weekly basis but I think it was extra hard because the weather was finally getting nice out side and the kids just wanted to go outside and play.)

Colored A LOT!

They played with their play food.

Played dress up.

Made a fort, this day I was feeling pretty sick and they were getting better. I needed some rest. They loved it. Thanks Alica for the idea. We made them so much as kids. I totally forgot about how much I loved that as a kid.

By this time the kids were fed up with being stuck in the house so we went out and played, just had to have a tissue in my pocket for me and Carly.

Josie was all better by the end of the week just in time to go to her friends birthday party. The party was a Tangled themed party and they had a special visitor Rapunzel. This lady was as if she stepped right out of Disneyland. She had the high voice and she sang like a princess. It was great and Josie just loved it.

I am happy these last 2 weeks are over and heres to a wonderful summer. YAY!


D. Spear said...

Oh how I love your girls! It's like my girls minus a few years. It's so nice to have sisters! Loved the pics!

Malia Nielsen said...

Sorry you've been so sick! Looks like you kept busy and had fun!

Josie looks super cute dressed up! My McKenzie would have died to see Rupunzel!

Michelle said...

glad you are feeling better. how fun to go to that party that Josie went to

Hannah S said...

What a cool party! I wonder how much it costs to hire princesses like that.
I feel like we've been sick, off and on, all year, esp me. Grrr...I had a sinus thing 2 weeks ago too. This shouldn't happen in the summer!