Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well I gave up on the blog but I guess I'll give it another try. From June to November life has happened. We did all the fun trips in the summer, family reunions, camping and lots of BBQ's. It's really too much to catch up on so I'll fast forward to NOW!

We have been potty training Carly for a month and she has done amazingly until she got sick 13 days ago. She either got really stubborn all of a sudden or she is getting smarter than I thought possible. This is a usual situation between Carly and I. I ask her, "Do you need to go potty?" Carly: "NO POTTY." I try to bribe her with everything sometimes it works and she'll sit on the potty other times she arches her back and won't even sit down. Then other days she says: "mommy potty." I say: "lets go." Carly: "NO POTTY." She knows she has my undivided attention when it comes to the potty chair talk. I am so frustrated all that hard work down the drain...I hope she'll start liking it again but from 13 days ago she was 95% trained now she is 50% (insert sad face here)

We took family pictures at the begging of October. We loved how the kids pictures turned out but the family pictures weren't the best. I wish that we could all smile at the same time.
My birthday was amazing. I love birthdays and Elliot knows it so he's so wonderful and try's to always make it an extra special day. I went to lunch with my sisters and then to the movie Footloose. Elliot was so nice and watched 4 kids while we were out on the town. It's always fun hanging out with my sisters and mom. Then Elliot bought me my silly laundry baskets I've been asking for. I wanted them to match and have them close and to fit on each side of my dresser. Who knew that was such a hard request. But Elliot was awesome and searched high and low for them. Thanks again honey. I love them. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then to an arcade for the kiddos. It was a perfect day. I love birthdays.


stephslater said...

Love your pictures. Your girls are so beautiful, and not just oh those are cute kids. They are really beautiful.
I haven't dared post about Coll doll's potty training, because it seems when I brag about his accomplishments he goes and proves me wrong. Sorry the sick bug messed up your success.
Did you love Footloose? I did. I might even go again when it hits the dollars. I'll call you if you want.
Welcome back to the blog. Thanks for the pics.

Megan said...

Oh my HECK! first off Carly is a total cutie pie. Second off Josie is little miss gorgeous! She looks so beautiful in that last picture. Your family is just so cute! I miss you! ! !

Alicia said...

Oh those pictures are killer. Really. They are awesome. I'll have to tell you about our disaster of a a photo shoot sometime. There was vomit involved. It was ridiculous.

I LOVED Footloose.

This post makes me miss you.

Michelle said...

those pictures of your family are AMAZING!!! So beautiful, such a photogenic family!!!

Hannah S said...

OH my word! Adorable, no gorgeous family!! When did Carly get so big!?! And Josie? Holy cow. Who took the photos? They're nice.
And I am glad you had a fabulous birthday!! We need to see each other soon.