Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family time

This past week has been so fun. My sister Stephanie and her family came to visit (minus Drew, we missed you). We picked them up from the airport. On our way to get the girls, Josie said "I am so excited I can't breath!" Then we went back to my parents house for some food. I then cut Steph's hair and the cousins played and played and played. We slept over at my mom's and watched Tangled and laughed and laughed some more. It's so much fun when Steph come's. There's always so much to do. On Tuesday we went to the temple together and then to the movie Soul Surfer while my Mom and Dad watched all 4 girls. Thanks again guys. Soul Surfer was a crazy true story, Carrie Underwood was a pretty cheesy actress but over all it was a good movie. Steph and I cried a few times, very touching story. On Friday we had dutch oven pork chops, ribs, sweet potatoes, and cobbler(provided by elliot) and an easter egg hunt at my Mom and Dad's house.

Josie and a few of her cousin slept over in grandpa Ray's trailer. Steph was so nice to sleep with them and my dad. The girls were so brave and went fast asleep. On

Saturday we had the second part of the family reunion at Michelle's house. We ate yummy food and then went to the church for a few games. We played tornado, 3 on 3, a scavenger hunt, relay race, and soccer...what awesome memories we made. I haven't played basketball for so long, it was so much fun, but I am way out of shape. I think I will be sore for a few days.

Then we went back to Michelle's, had more food and then had a little talent show for the kids and Michelle. HA! Josie sang "Give said the little stream", Allison sang a Cinderella song, Riley sang the 3 bear rap, Paige also sang "Give said the little stream", and Brooklyn and the rest of the girls sang a Pocahontas song. Michelle ended the talent show by singing and playing the guitar. I don't know the name of the song but its one from Colbie Caillat. Way to go Michelle!!!


Michelle said...

excellent post Melanie!!!

Hannah S said...

Fun weekend! Elliott needs to come down and cook that feast for us :)